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ABS Outlineorg.eclipse.ui.navigator.navigatorContenteu.hatsproject.absplugin.editor.outline.ABSContentOutlineProvider eu.hatsproject.absplugin.editor.outline.ABAContentOutlineStyledLabelProvider eu.hatsproject.absplugin.editor.outline.ABSContentOutlineUtils
ABS Menu


The Project Explorer is enhanced with an ABS Content outline that can be displayed when expanding an ABS file tree node. The ABS content outline is added through the org.eclipse.ui.navigator.navigatorContent#navigatorContent extension point.

Within this extension point, a reference to a content and label provider must be entered. When these providers are invoked is specified by the triggerPoints sub-element. This sub-element defines the nodes in a tree that should cause this extension to be invoked for children.Only if the expression of the triggerPoints sub-element is evaluated (using the current element of the project explorer tree) to true, the respective content provider will be used to create additional child nodes.

The possibleChildren sub-element defines the nodes in the project explorer tree that could be contributed by this extension. This sub-element should describe, when this content extension could provide a parent for elements that match the expression.

Additionally, commonSorter and commonFilter element can be used to specify the order of the elements used in this extensions and actionProvider can be specified to add - for example - double click support on the respective elements.

ABS Menu

add locations to file

  • commands (org.eclipse.ui.commands)
  • menus (org.eclipse.ui.menus)
    • visibleWhen for projectNature = AbsNature
    • connection for commands