Installing the ABS Eclipse Plug-in

Since the ABS Eclipse IDE is a plug-in for Eclipse, you are first required to obtain an up-to-date Eclipse distribution ( The plug-in has been developed and tested under Helios (3.6.2), support for other Eclipse distributions is not provided.

The ABS Eclipse plug-in can be installed via an update site similar to other Eclipse plug-ins. To install the plug-in first start Eclipse. You can install plug-ins under Help -> Install new Software. There, you need to specify an update site where the plug-in to be installed is located. The ABS Eclipse plug-in is available at In the near future two sites will be provided, one for stable releases and one for latest builds.

Note, that the category ABS on the update site contains three plug-ins. In order to use the ABS IDE you have to install all three plug-ins.

Once you selected all plug-ins or the category, you can continue with the next button, which will result in calculation of dependencies. Since the other three mentioned plug-ins are necessary for the ABS Eclipse plug-in, they will be added in this step anyway. Last click Finish to install the plug-ins and restart Eclipse afterwards.

Installation Video

Installation video